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Make sales untied from your time - without having to google all things SEO.



If you want your site to do some major Cirque du Soleil™ backflips through Google™ searches to be like:

what up first page? It me.

you're in the right place.

"The overall experience working with Seren was incredible."

Natalie Brite

Founder, Strategist, Creative Director, & Designer at Do Good Biz Studio

"I felt completely supported and Seren showcased her knowledge as well as skills every step of the way.

I feel much more confident in how my SEO is set up on my website and in my blogs and also confident in what keywords and descriptions I can utilize moving forward to keep my copy and targeting both optimized."

question for you...

Is this where you're at? Because wherever you're starting from is A-OK.

→   you don't want to show up on social media EVERY single day

→   you'rE READY TO get a bigger long-term return on investment (roi) from content

→   you've already tried diy-ing your seo and blog posts but it's not bringing in results

→   you're excited to strengthen your owned online real estate (website & email list)

→   you've built a profitable biz and NOW IT'S TIME TO SCALE

→   you're launching a new offer or digital productS within the next 8 months

Hi, I'm Seren!

I love dogs, swimming (if you couldn't tell), & fuzzy blankets.

After following the traditional path of college to full-time job until mid-2020, I realized I had skills that could help solopreneurs, small businesses, and creative entrepreneurs - not just big organizations and companies.

I now use the skills I've gained from my full-time digital marketing gig at a €15.4M NGO in Ireland (and since then!) to help them set up a steady stream of clients/customers.

And I love doing it!

read the backstory

(pronounced like serenity without the i-t-y)



"It felt like a weight lifting off my shoulders."

Dayanara Morera

Brand Designer

"Seren's advice made everything about what SEO is so easy and clear. She made it simple to understand. If you ever need help with SEO, Seren is the one to go to for your needs. You won't regret it." 

"This was a great investment for me and my business." 

Sheryl Wagner

Psychic Medium & Teacher

"I've learned skills that will serve me indefinitely. I've worked with a lot of marketing professionals over the years but none who has shown the transparency and follow through that Seren has. She is a rare gem!"

"Seren is a very down-to-earth person."

Nicole Williams

Spiritual Advisor & Christian Entrepreneur Coach

"Her heart is really to support people and this came through in how she connected with me, even in as simple as the way we DM'd on Instagram and in emails."




Are you a solopreneur? Or on your way there?

Let's get your biz growing the way that fits your priorities.

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• don't have to show up on social media every day
• don't have to worry about social media algorithms
• allows you to take breaks from publishing without the algorithm "punishing" you



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