The 5 MAIN Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

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When you blog for your business, you’re creating in-depth pieces of content that people can find on autopilot.

They’ll search for a keyword and, if your blog strategy and SEO are done well, those intrigued people will enter your business’s ecosystem. Maybe they’ll stay around a bit longer via your other blog posts or email list. They might be SO ready for you to help them that they book one of your services right then and there. So what are the 5 main benefits of blogging to grow your business?

01) Creates an Omnipresent Brand

If your dream is to make a full-time income (or more!) with your business, showing up in all the right places will help.

With over 8.5 billion searches a day on Google, it’s safe to say your potential clients/customers are regularly looking for answers. And when you show up as the brand with those answers, your brand gets a big A+ from those readers.

That’s because of a powerful principle in psychology called the mere-exposure effect. The more times your brand can provide exactly what your perfect match people are looking for, the more likely they’ll like your brand and associate it with whatever it is you do.

Blogging regularly also leads to topical authority.

It’s relatively self-explanatory, but topical authority is when your business becomes the go-to for your specific niche. As in, if you wrote consistently about productivity for busy mompreneurs, your brand would eventually be considered the ‘expert’ in that area in Google’s eyes.

High topical authority = An omnipresent brand

02) Attracts People Ready to Buy

As with most methods of marketing, you’ll need a strategy if you want your blogging efforts to actually produce a positive return on investment. Even if you’re totally DIYing it, that’s still a bunch of time invested into it. And let’s not forget – time is money.

With a well-researched and planned out blog strategy, you’ll target high-conversion low-volume keywords that your eager potential clients/customers are searching for.

By meeting them where they’re at, your blog will start funneling readers toward your email list and eventually toward what you sell.

Ready to start attracting potential buyers? All you need to do is write and I’ll do the rest.

Or are you ready to start researching keywords (but don’t know WHERE to start?), I got you (for free).

03) Attracts People Not Ready to Buy YET

How does this work exactly?

It’s pretty straightforward! You write blog posts that answer top of funnel questions that potential clients/customers are searching for.

This comes down to knowing your audience inside and out. Knowing them so well that you can put yourself in their shoes (aka fully understand their challenges and goals) and anticipate their needs.

When you write high-quality content that meets people early in their journey, they discover you before even thinking about needing help with whatever you sell.

Over time, after consistently reading your blog posts and implementing your tips, they’ll start feeling confident that you are the go-to for them.

04) Sells Your Digital Products and Services on Autopilot

Through strategic blogging, you can even sell your offers passively in the background. That means generating income purely through your website – no hand-holding required.

Whether that’s digital products, coaching, workshops, or services, your blog posts will continuously bring in new people and then your website will guide them to the right places. Cool, right?!

How can you use blogging to generate passive income?

Because Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. are search engines, high-quality blog posts live inside their libraries and are regularly pulled out whenever someone is looking for that specific bit of information – year after year.

The key to blogging with the goal of generating passive income is making sure the rest of your website is conversion-optimized. When people discover your blog post, you’d like them to stick around and explore a bit, right? That’s the only way they’ll learn more about you and what you do.

So if you’re DIYing it, you’ll want to study up a bit on conversion-centered design. But if you’re working with a web designer, they should know all about it already. If you’re not sure, consider asking how they make sure their designs are conversion-oriented.

I’m a product-based business owner. Will blogging for my business help, too?

Absolutely! You can definitely tap into all the benefits of blogging for your business, too. The main difference for you is the type of blog posts you create should be the types geared toward product-based businesses rather than the types better for service-based businesses.

For example, if Allie has a small indie biz selling chic home items, she would want to blog about all things conscious interior design and styling, how her products will fit into people’s everyday lives, and even inspiration for new homeowners.

As you start attracting traffic, you can apply the same principles we’ve already gone over above and invite people to check out your products, other blog posts, or join your email list for exclusive bonuses or discounts.

05) Forms and Strengthens Key Relationships Over Time

The beauty of long-form content (think blog posts, YouTube videos, and podcast episodes) is it’s typically comprehensive and in-depth. When you clearly and regularly demonstrate your expertise through blog posts, some of your new readers will start to develop a strong connection to your brand because they begin to like and trust you.

Of course, you won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but you’ll be the perfect cup of tea for the right people!

And if your new readers hop onto your email list or newsletter, that’s how you can continue building and strengthening those relationships over time until they’re ready to work with you on a deeper level.

With your high-quality blog posts living on your website 24/7, new people finding you and developing strong relationships with your brand happens 24/7, too!

Now that you know WHY blogging for your business is important, you might be interested to learn exactly HOW you should blog (with SEO) to get the best results. If you’re thinking ‘YES!’, go ahead and pop yourself onto the Business Blogger Academy waitlist (no commitment required!).

Jun 3, 2022


Blogging for Business


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